The 240th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland will be held on Thursday 6 June 2024 at 16.00 hours in The Pavilion at The Royal Highland Centre, with the option to attend online via Zoom.

The papers and RHASS 2023 Annual Report for the AGM are now available by clicking the links below.

  1. Reports of the following meetings:
    1. 239th AGM held on 27 April 2023
    2. General Meeting held on 20 November 2023*
  2. Report of the Trustees and Audited Accounts for the year ended 30 November 2023 *
  3. Appointment of Office Bearers and Extraordinary Directors 2024-2025 *
  4. Report on the Appointment of Ordinary Directors 2024-2028 *
  5. Amendments to the Bye- Laws *
    1. Current Bye-Laws
  6. Membership fees 2025 *
  7. Appointment of the Auditor*
  8. Session dates*
  9. Member Questions


If you have any comments or queries of fact on minutes please do send those to [email protected] in advance.

Please note that all minutes and papers are confidential to RHASS Members and may not be shared further.

The Annual Report, which is confidential to RHASS Members until after the AGM (Thursday 6th June), showcases the achievements of RHASS over the year. It also details the challenging financial landscape within which we have been operating.

As was the case for the 2022 financial year, RHASS budgeted for a significant loss for the 2023 financial year – recognising that recovery from the impact of the pandemic for RHASS and the sector would take time. The loss at the end of the year was higher than budgeted, with the Board taking decisions to support the sector by absorbing significant levels of in-year cost rises, for example, a 32% increase in the cost of Show material and contractors and continuing with its charitable support of sector partners. The Society was able to do this based on the strength of its asset base.

Robust plans are in place to turn this position around and are already in effect for the current financial year. You will hear more about the challenges faced and the plans and strategies in place to help future-proof RHASS at the AGM.

The AGM is your opportunity to ask the Directors and the senior RHASS Team questions about the Society. You may submit questions in advance here RHASS – AGM Questions ( 

Questions from the floor or via Zoom on the day are also welcome.