About Us

At RHASS, we see a beautiful future for Scottish agriculture, and we’re excited to make it a reality.

We bring people together from all rural corners of the country around a shared vision- to help rural Scotland thrive!

RHASS is Scotland’s agricultural charity and is the leading voice for Scottish agriculture and the rural community.  Founded in 1784 with the guiding principles to promote the regeneration of rural Scotland, those principles still ring true today.  Today and in the future, the charity strives for new ways to preserve, educate and support the industry and people who live and work in the Scottish countryside, by uniting communities and investing in innovation, education, wellbeing and the environment.

We are a membership charity, with around 16,000 members. This community built on a legacy of integrity, honesty and genuine care for the countryside and people who have dedicated their lives to it. Our Members play a key role in helping RHASS to realise Scotland’s agricultural ambitions.

We support these communities through our funding and awards, which empowers farmers, rural businesses, charities and individuals. We fund projects that help advance Scottish agriculture through innovation, wellbeing and sustainable practices, fund placements which educate and connect people to opportunities, fund our partner charities and organisations who work in and for the people of rural Scotland (RHET (Royal Highland Educational Trust), RSABI, Farmstrong and SAYFC) and further support the sector through our Local Show Engagement fund.

Rural landscape featuring hay bales, wind turbine and winding road

Our Vision

That Scotland’s natural resources are celebrated, understood and sustainably harnessed for future generations by advocating agricultural innovation.


Our Mission

For 240 years, we have been steadfast in our commitment to using our experience and expertise to safeguard and showcase Scotland’s natural resources. Our mission is for Scotland to set the standard in agriculture and land management, so we champion and encourage pioneering sustainable practices, education, and advocacy.


Our Values

WE ARE RELEVANT – We champion Scottish agriculture by celebrating rural life and all it produces, advocating the journey from farm to family table.

WE THINK LONG TERM – Shaped by 240 years of heritage, we’re committed to innovating and investing for Scotland’s rural future (now and in the long term), preserving and enhancing our legacy for centuries to come.

WE ARE COOPERATIVE – We are a community with a diversity of thought, but common interests and challenges.



The Royal Highland Show

We’re known for the delivery of the largest gathering of the agricultural community in the UK, the Royal Highland Show.  Held annually, the Show is one of Scotland’s most iconic events, and RHASS’ biggest fundraiser.  Showcasing the best of farming, food and rural life at the Royal Highland Centre in Ingliston the event attracts over 1,000 exhibitors, 4,500 livestock and up to 217,000 visitors. 


Our people

We are RHASS!  A small and dedicated team with big ambitions. We’ve got a wealth of experience from across the agricultural, events and charity sectors.




Our publications

View RHASS’ past publications including our member magazine Society, and RHASS’ annual reports.




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