Funded Placements

We invest in talent, expertise and innovative people, through educational and professional development opportunities which contributes to the long-term sustainability and prosperity of rural communities and industries across Scotland.

We strive to showcase and celebrate the diverse talents, accomplishments and contributions of individuals and organisations working to advance Scotland’s agricultural and rural sectors. We collaborate with partners such as Nuffield and Roy Watherston Memorial Trust to help equip people of all ages and backgrounds with the knowledge and skills to grow and succeed.

Nuffield Scholarship

RHASS provides funding for either a full or half support for one of Nuffield’s Farming Scholarships.

This year’s RHASS Nuffield Scholar, Jock Gibson aims to fully understand the effects of animal diet and nutrition on meat-eating quality and to establish the key principles in profitable systems delivering good meat-eating quality outcomes. As well as aiming to explore the link between red meat consumption and personal well-being.

To apply for the 2025 intake and to find out more, click here

Roy Watherston Memorial Trust

RHASS collaborate with the Roy Watherston Memorial Trust to offer education travel awards to support young people to embark on study projects overseas.

The Trust was established to commemorate the life, work and achievements of Roy Watherston, an outstanding farmer and breeder of Shorthorn cattle, and someone who had a keen interest in the practical education of young people.

The award seeks people, under the age of 30 who have a background in agriculture or related rural industry who will be able to build on their experience through educational travel.

other funding types

RHASS Funding

We’re always looking ahead to what’s next and striving for new ways to preserve, educate and support through funding opportunities.

Local Show Engagement Fund

We give financial support to local agricultural shows throughout Scotland. These shows are vital for showcasing our heritage, promoting rural communities and providing opportunities for people to come together.


We give awards to those who deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions and achievements in various fields related to agriculture, rural life and agribusinesses in Scotland.

Supported Partnerships

We collaborate with partners that demonstrate commitment in supporting education, wellbeing and resilience within Scotland’s agricultural and rural sectors. By working together with charities like RHET, Farmstrong and RSABI, RHASS helps contribute to the sustainability and vitality across Scotland’s rural communities.