Realising Scotland’s agricultural ambitions


invested in rural and agricultural projects across Scotland


projects funded and 
supported in 2023


visitors attended, our biggest fundraising event, the Royal Highland Show.

As the leading voice for Scottish agriculture, we are a charity who strive for new ways to preserve, educate and support, by uniting communities and investing in innovation, education, wellbeing and the environment.

We preserve

Scotland has a rich agricultural legacy. On top of celebrating what has come before, we are the guardians of the traditions, values and land for generations to come in an ever-changing world.

Man digs potatoes in field, the sun is shining

We support

Through funding and connecting people to opportunities, we empower farmers, rural businesses and communities across the country. Together we can ensure that the agricultural sector remains vibrant and resilient.

We educate

Knowledge is power and we want to share it far and wide. Through programmes, funding, events and partnerships, we equip people of all ages with the knowledge and skills to grow and succeed.

“We’ve had great learning opportunities to inspire future planning for the Royal Highland Show.”

“The Cultivating Leaders Programme introduced me to a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to better themselves and their careers in the rural sector…I feel the course enhanced my knowledge of business management, dealing with succession, goal setting and working with staff.”

How your support can make an impact

By donating to RHASS, you will help to support Scottish farmers, agribusiness professionals, the people and the land of rural Scotland for years to come.

Improve the wellbeing of rural communities

We enhance access to essential services, foster social connections and promote economic opportunities for sustainable development.

Develop the future of farming

We fund innovative projects, sustainable practices and educational opportunities for young people, graduates and professionals.

Preserve employment in rural areas

We create economic opportunities, invest in local industries and support entrepreneurship to sustain livelihoods.

Support sustainable & environmental challenges

Using practices that conserve natural resources, reduce pollution and promote biodiversity ensuring environmental viability

Support rural shows

To help stimulate economic growth through attacting visitors, supporting local trade, showcasing products and livestock as well as facilitating networking opportunities amongst rural workers

Help set up social enterprises.

Creating businesses, using local resources and addressing community needs for the long-term.