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Since 1784, the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) has been the respected standard-bearer for farming and rural industry in Scotland.

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We are committed to ensuring that future generations can continue to live and work in Scotland’s rural communities, like us and those who have gone before us. The future is in your hands. Will you help us to secure the future?

Remaining a relevant Society after 240 years

Remaining relevant – how a 239-year-old organisation connects with its members and drives impact & influence

Showcasing Excellence

Events such as the world-famous Royal Highland Show, distinguished awards for excellence and achievement, and the Royal Highland Education Trust's noted work with schools are only a few examples of how the Society communicates key messages about Scottish agriculture and associated industries.

Royal Charter

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Message from the late Queen Elizabeth II

The Royal Family's association with the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society can be traced to 1787 when it was granted its first Royal Charter.

A Proud Heritage

The Society was founded in 1784 to promote the regeneration of rural Scotland, as well as the preservation of its poetry, language and music. Today, in the 21st century, the Society is for people who value the rural areas of Scotland. It is for everyone who supports the very best standards in agriculture, forestry and stewardship of the countryside, which are such an essential part of our heritage - and our future.

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