We give awards to those who deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions and achievements in various fields related to agriculture, rural life and agribusinesses in Scotland.

RHASS Long Service and Ploughing Medals

We honour prestige, these medals are given to individuals in recognition of their dedication, commitment, and contributions to Scottish agriculture and rural life.

Long Service Medals

RHASS Long Service Medals pay tribute to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and service to the agricultural industry over many years. Recipients have devoted a significant proportion of the lives to farming, agricultural research, rural development or related fields. Long Service Medals symbolise appreciation for their enduring dedication and contributions to the agricultural sector.

Ploughing Medals

We recognise excellence and skill in the traditional agricultural practice of ploughing. Awarded to outstanding ploughmen and women, these medals celebrate the mastery of the craft, precision in fieldwork, and adherence to high standards of agricultural technique. Recipients of the Ploughing Medals are often esteemed for their expertise, proficiency, and commitment to preserving and promoting the art of ploughing in Scotland and representing Scotland in matches on the world stage.

RHASS Awards at the Royal Highland Show

We aim to inspire innovation, promote best practices and celebrate our community by awarding excellence and achievement in agriculture by giving hundreds of competitors, businesses and individuals prizes, trophies, medals and awards over the four days of the Royal Highland Show, RHASS’s biggest fundraising event.

Sir William Young Award

Awarded to a breeder for outstanding contribution to livestock breeding in Scotland.

Read about our 2023 winner here.


Technical Innovation Awards

The Technical Innovation Awards are designed to recognise design and innovation across machinery and equipment for use in the agri and rural sectors, the awards showcase inventions and innovations that demonstrate a positive impact on agriculture, horticulture, equestrian, forestry, renewable energy and estate activities.

Entries must relate to machines, appliances, technical components or important ancillary equipment and should be commercially available or prototypes in development. All entries are judged and benchmarked on individual merit.

Winners will be presented with their awards during the Royal Highland show in June.


RHS Highland Show Championships & Prizes

Awarded to those who are the best in their class, promote best practices and are leaders in innovation.

Full 2024 results and prizes will be available here at the end of June.


other funding types

RHASS Funding

We’re always looking ahead to what’s next and striving for new ways to preserve, educate and support through funding opportunities.

Local Show Engagement Fund

We give financial support to local agricultural shows throughout Scotland. These shows are vital for showcasing our heritage, promoting rural communities and providing opportunities for people to come together.

Funded Placements

We aim to support the development of talent, expertise, and innovation within Scotland’s agricultural and rural sectors. Our funded placements provide educational or professional opportunities for those wishing to gain, develop or pursue further education and skills related to agriculture and rural development.

Supported Partnerships

We collaborate with partners that demonstrate commitment in supporting education, wellbeing and resilience within Scotland’s agricultural and rural sectors. By working together with charities like RHET, Farmstrong and RSABI, RHASS helps contribute to the sustainability and vitality across Scotland’s rural communities.