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RHASS is committed to providing funding and supporting initiatives that benefit farmers, rural communities, and society as a whole.

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Apply for RHASS funding today and together we can advance Scottish agriculture for future generations of farmers and agribusiness professionals.


We award excellence and recognition through our Long Service, Professional Advancement, Sir William Young Award and Ploughing Medals.

funded placements

We offer a range of financially supported placements across the agricultural sector, including; Nuffield Scholarship, Roy Watherston Memorial Trust and the Oxford Farming Conference.

supported partnerships

RHASS has a long history of working with with charities and organisations that align with our charitable remit and objectives. Learn more about what our supported partners do, and how the support of RHASS has enabled them to help advance Scottish agriculture.


Find out if you could be eligible for funding for your agricultural projects.

Social & Wellbeing

Rural by name, rural by nature. The majority of the agricultural community work in isolated areas across the countryside. By funding programs and initiatives that foster connections such as RSABI and Farmstrong, and by putting on the biggest gathering of the rural community (the RHS) we want to bring a bigger sense of community spirit to the sector.

Technology & Innovation

New thinking and new capabilities have brought us this far and we aim to keep the momentum going. We celebrate and support the latest ideas and developments with funding and give them access to one of the biggest agricultural stages at The Royal Highland Show.

Education & Lifelong Learning

We have to move with the times. To support the next generation and the future of an ever-evolving sector, we work with educational charities and institutions across Scotland. We want to connect people to educational opportunities and provide the much-needed funding to make it possible. And, through The Royal Highland Show, we showcase the breadth of rural life, bringing it to the city and the masses.

Sustainability & Environmental Challenges

We’re sowing the seeds of sustainability. We understand our platform presents a huge opportunity to promote sustainable practices that safeguard the future of agriculture and the natural environment. That’s why we facilitate conversations and action to address concerns and challenges. We also promote advancements in agriculture, forestry and countryside stewardship through our funding streams, including investing in the Royal Highland Centre as a venue.

Local Show Engagement Fund

Local agricultural shows are integral to rural communities, bringing cultural benefits that enrich those living in the area and building much needed social gatherings.

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