Supported Partnerships

RHASS has a long history of working with with charities and organisations that align with our charitable remit and objectives.


RHET (Royal Highland Education Trust) is a charity supported by RHASS that focuses on educating children and young people about food, farming and the countryside. RHET works with Scottish schools to organise farm visits, classroom activities, and educational events to help young people understand where their food comes from, learn about sustainable agriculture and appreciate the importance of the countryside.

Farmstrong Scotland

Farmstrong is an initiative supported by RHASS that focuses on promoting mental health and wellbeing within the farming and rural communities of Scotland. Farming can be challenging and isolating profession, and Farmstrong provides resources, support networks, and awareness campaigns to help farmers and their families cope with stress, manage mental health issues and build resilience.


RSABI (Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution) is a charity that RHASS has supported for many years, they provide financial assistance, practical support, and emotional guidance to individuals and families working in Scottish agriculture who are facing hardship or crisis. RSABI offers services to support those in need within the agricultural community.


The Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs (SAYFC) is Scotland’s largest rural youth organisation providing a social network full of opportunities from competitions and events to training and travel. RHASS has provided financial and venue support for the SAYFC Cultivating Leaders course for many years – supporting future farmers personal development.

other funding types

RHASS Funding

We’re always looking ahead to what’s next and striving for new ways to preserve, educate and support through funding opportunities.

Local Show Engagement Fund

We give financial support to local agricultural shows throughout Scotland. These shows are vital for showcasing our heritage, promoting rural communities and providing opportunities for people to come together.


We give awards to those who deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions and achievements in various fields related to agriculture, rural life and agribusinesses in Scotland.

Funded Placements

We aim to support the development of talent, expertise, and innovation within Scotland’s agricultural and rural sectors. Our funded placements provide educational or professional opportunities for those wishing to gain, develop or pursue further education and skills related to agriculture and rural development.