rhass funding

We’re always looking ahead to what’s next and striving for new ways to preserve, educate and support through funding opportunities.
Applying For RHASS Funding

Before your begin your application for RHASS funding, please make sure you have read through all the information available on this page.

We will support anyone who’s project or initiative aligns with the five key areas of our charitable remit:

  • Education & Lifelong Learning
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Sustainability & Environmental Challenges
  • Social & Wellbeing
  • Local Show Engagement Fund

Social Impact framework

The social impact framework allows us to capture, understand and communicate the positive effect that your project or initiative will have on Scottish agriculture, the people and land of our countryside.

Your project and application will be assessed against the areas below. The intended outcomes are critical for us to help address the challenges and opportunities faced by Scotland’s agriculture and rural sector.

Key Areas
Social & Wellbeing

The majority of the agricultural community work in isolated areas across the countryside. Does your initiative or project help foster connections, and bring a sense of community spirit to the sector?

Technology & Innovation

New thinking and new capabilities have brought us this far and we aim to keep the momentum going. Do you have the next biggest bit of tech that will help advance the Scottish agriculture industry?

Education & Lifelong Learning

We seek to support the next generation and the future of an ever-evolving sector, connecting people to educational opportunities and working with charities and institutions across Scotland to make this happen. Could this be you?

Sustainability & Environmental Challenges

Need funding to sow the seeds of sustainability? The agriculture sector presents a huge opportunity to promote sustainable practices and safeguard its future and the natural environment.

intended outcomes
Economic Value

Creating economic value for the farming and rural communities.

Professional Advancement

Enabling professional advancement of farming professions and related activities.

Networking and Social Wellbeing

Providing a platform to network and ensure the social wellbeing of the community.

Public Education and Causes

Educating the public and influencing specific causes.

Funding Amounts

RHASS will fund up to £10,000 in project activity, given it meets all funding criteria. If you wish to discuss funding above £10,000 or multi-year funding opportunities, please email [email protected]

Funding Windows

The funding windows for 2024 are as follows:

  • May – August 2024
  • September – November 2024

If your application arrives after the last date in each round, it will not be considered until the next funding window opens and until after the Funding Committee has had time to review the application.

What you will need before you apply

  • Funding Level – the amount of funding you require
  • Full project detail – how will the funding help you
  • Managing project activity – your experience of working with partners and managing funding actitivy
  • How does your project or initiative align with RHASS’s charitable remit
  • Total costs of project
  • Detail on other financial support requested or given
  • Provide supporting documents: Memorandum and articles of association, recent annual report or latest accounts, list of Company Directors or Charity Trustees, and three quotes if funding is for a physical item(s)

Things to consider before you apply

RHASS Funding vs Local Show Engagement Fund
If you are an individual, charity, or organisation looking for support on a project or initiative then RHASS Funding is for you. Click here to apply for RHASS funding.

If you are a local Scottish Agricultural Show or charity seeking funding for an event then the Local Show Engagement Fund is for you. Click here to find out more about the Local Show Engagement Fund.

Terms & Conditions
Please make sure that you have read through our terms and conditions here, and agree and can fulfil all the required actions.

other funding types

Local Show Engagement Fund

We give financial support to local agricultural shows throughout Scotland. These shows are vital for showcasing our heritage, promoting rural communities and providing opportunities for people to come together.


We give awards to those who deserve recognition for their outstanding contributions and achievements in various fields related to agriculture, rural life and agribusinesses in Scotland.

Funded Placements

We aim to support the development of talent, expertise, and innovation within Scotland’s agricultural and rural sectors. Our funded placements provide educational or professional opportunities for those wishing to gain, develop or pursue further education and skills related to agriculture and rural development.

Supported Partnerships

We collaborate with partners that demonstrate commitment in supporting education, wellbeing and resilience within Scotland’s agricultural and rural sectors. By working together with charities like RHET, Farmstrong and RSABI, RHASS helps contribute to the sustainability and vitality across Scotland’s rural communities.