I grew up at Elliothead, which is an arable farm near Perth.  Now an agricultural and rural property lawyer at Turcan Connell in Edinburgh, I am pleased to say that I am still actively involved in the family business at home, which my grandfather started in 1954, having moved from a dairy farm in Ayrshire.   



The Royal Highland Show is a key date in the calendar of the Scottish rural community and provides great opportunities to celebrate agriculture, do business and catch up with friends, family, clients and contacts.     


My grandfather benefited from RHASS when he invented the Sloan Box Tippler, winning a RHASS Silver Medal in 1970.  This machine was a new technology back then for emptying potato boxes.  The support and recognition my grandfather received from RHASS was beneficial in initially promoting the tippler, and for many years our family continued to exhibit and sell the tipplers at the Royal Highland Show. 


I have been attending the show since I was a child.  Many of you who have done the same will probably have experienced a moment of disappointment when you have just arrived at the show.  You are really looking forward to visiting RHET or one of the machinery stands to get a lollipop, but 50 yards into the showground your parents bump into someone they know and you have to stand around and wait whilst they chat and catch up.  I now understand that this is one of the greatest things about the show, as it provides a place where people can build strong social networks which last a lifetime. 


Over the years I have personally had support from RHASS through the financial support they offer young people looking to advance their careers and life experience.  In 2016 I was part of a group of young farmers who travelled to New Zealand for an SAYFC Agri & Rural Affairs Study Tour which focussed on the issue of succession of farming businesses to the next generation.   


What started out as a study tour turned into quite the journey for me.  I later went on to be SAYFC’s Agri & Rural Affairs Chairman and lead Agri Affairs at SAYFC between 2020 and 2021.  Later in 2022, I lead an SAYFC Agri & Rural Affairs study tour to Chile, which focussed on adding value to agriculture, looking at how Chile has attracted international investment and embraced technology to help them reach wider and new markets.  These are experiences and achievements I would not have had without the support and encouragement of RHASS along the way.   


Over the years I have developed a strong interest in land reform and agricultural policy.  After studying law at Edinburgh University, I decided to blend my background in agriculture with my knowledge of the law and I have been an agricultural and rural property lawyer at Turcan Connell since 2016.   


I assist clients across Scotland with a broad range of rural property matters, from the sale and purchase of forestry, farms and estates to advice on the letting of agricultural, rural and residential property.  Having grown up on an arable farm, clients appreciate my practical understanding of matters on the ground, which I combine with my knowledge of the law to provide clear and constructive advice.  


Turcan Connell is delighted to sponsor the 240th anniversary of RHASS this year and we look forward to supporting various celebratory events, including the Mighty Munro mission. The community contribution to the 240 Years of Stories really does demonstrate the positive role RHASS has in promoting the regeneration of rural Scotland. I look forward to welcoming visitors to our stand at the show and encourage you to pop in and meet us to chat through what Turcan Connell can offer you or your rural business. 


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