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RHASS members flock to the show with positive response to new RHS reservation system 

The Royal Highland Show will welcome back members to this year’s event with Friday looking to be the busiest day.

That’s according to data captured from the RHASS online reservation system for members that went live earlier this month, which has been described by users as easy to use, simple and efficient.   


The 11,500 members who provided an email address were sent a uniquecode to enable them to secure their tickets with 7,330 of these havingresponded already. The most popular days for respondents planning toattend are the Friday and Thursday.  

The reason RHASS asked members to flag which days they will beattending was to understand an accurate number of membersattending on each day,  free up tickets for other visitors andmanage resources, as well assupporting the Society’s charitable aims. Between 10 and 16% ofmemberresponses show they aren’t planning to attend on the busiest days. 


Members have until 18th May to reserve their free access to theshowground and the new members Pavilion. 

There has also been in influx of new members in anticipation of the Show,with over 500 signing up in the last month alone. 

Commenting on the numbers, Alan Laidlaw RHASS Chief Executive said: 

“As we know many of our members are unable to attend the 4 days of theshow for a variety of reasons, which has now been demonstrated andrecorded through the new software. 


“Having this information frees up allocation for paying guests which will generate funds for the charity to enable us to carry out more charitable activities. I would like to thank our members for their support which is greatly appreciated.” 



For further information and to purchase tickets please visit royalhighlandshow.org. 

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