The RHASS Mighty Munro Muster will see all 282 Munros conquered within the same 24-hour window 


We are seeking avid adventurers to participate in an ambitious, and worthy fundraising feat.  

Taking place on 21 September 2024, the challenge will involve a group of no less than 600 individuals split into teams of two or more, collectively ascending all 282 Munros within the same 24-hour window. 

To succeed, each team is required to reach the summit of their selected Munro and return safely back down before the 24 hours is up, all while raising money for RHASS-funded projects aimed at those living and working in rural Scotland, safeguarding the rights of landowners, and preserving access to Scotland’s breath-taking landscapes.  

The challenge is part of our 240th anniversary year. Other activities include a year-long audio and visual storytelling project, 240 Years of Stories, to contribute towards the legacy of Scotland’s agricultural and rural community, and a series of Harvest Thanksgiving services will also take place.  

We will be working with a range of partners to support participants in the run-up to the event, providing safety advice, training programmes, and guidance to ensure everyone is well equipped to take on the challenge. 

Various resources will also be provided to support participants in their efforts to raise funds for the challenge. 

In order to make sure all Munro’s are covered, applicants will be entered into a ballot, choosing their desired area and level of difficulty on entry. They will be assigned either their first or second choice of location and a Munro suitable to their abilities. People of all skill levels are encouraged to take part in what will be an exhilarating team challenge. 


Alisdair Caulfield, RHASS Director of Advancement said: “The collective effort involved in this challenge will not only be a testament to community spirit, but it will also be a wonderful celebration of Scotland’s rich rural heritage. 

“We are aiming to sign up at least six hundred participants to ensure that no one faces the ascent alone, the logistics in that alone will be no easy feat.  Additionally, we have also set ourselves an ambitious fundraising target, which will help RHASS and our partnering beneficiaries drive positive change and leave a lasting impact on rural communities.” 

Munro-bagger Hollie Jenkins and her two spaniels Hugo and Spencer (@theedinburghspaniels) stepped up to support the drive for sign-ups, encouraging fellow dedicated hikers to take part in the daring challenge. Hollie met with members of the RHASS team to share her passion for hiking in the Scottish Mountains and discuss the importance of preserving Scotland’s rural heritage. Speaking on the challenge, Hollie said: “As an avid Munro bagger, I am honoured to be part of this remarkable challenge and encourage everyone to take part in the amazing opportunity to celebrate the natural beauty of our country’s landscape.” 

Neil McIntosh, editor of The Scotsman, said: “Scotland’s impressive Munros are world-famous and we’re delighted that The Scotsman is the media partner for this challenge. We’re hoping even more people will be inspired to enjoy our country’s stunning landscape, while raising money for worthwhile causes. 

“The Mighty Munro Muster is a fantastic way to mark RHASS’s 240th anniversary year and support its projects that help those living and working in rural Scotland. I would urge people to sign up and get their walking boots out to help with this record breaking attempt, while having fun as part of a team.” 

Land & Property Partner at Turcan Connell, Grierson Dunlop, said: “As sponsors of RHASS 2024, we are delighted to be part of the society’s assortment of activities and look forward to supporting this ambitious challenge and creative fundraising initiative. The Mighty Munro Muster Is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to help our rural communities prosper, stay active and take in the immense views from our impressive Scottish mountains. 

Those who think they can muster up the courage to take part can now sign up online at:  

Participants will receive a branded event t-shirt to wear during the climb and to capture that all-important selfie at the top. Each team’s summit photograph will be collated and featured by the Scotsman in a special commemorative supplement dedicated to the fundraising event. 

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