Awards and Grants

Agriculture is a vital sector of the Scottish economy and the first important link in Scotland’s burgeoning food and drink industry.

Throughout our long history, the Society has been committed to rewarding excellence and innovation by giving awards that reflect the sentiments contained in our Royal Charter…. improvement, encouragement, benefit, communication, preservation and advancement.

We actively support new talent and have numerous grants and scholarships for students and young people looking to advance their careers and life experience.

The Society also plays homage to those individuals who have dedicated their lives to the sector and our Long Service Awards are fitting tributes

If you would like to apply for any of these awards or grants, please contact Society Secretary, David Alcorn at

Individual Achievement

    • Fellowship and Associateship of the Royal Agricultural Societies
    • Lifetime Achievement Award

    Educational Awards

    • The Roy Watherston Memorial Trust – travel scholarships to allow young people to embark on study projects overseas
    • Academic Achievement Medals
    • SAYFC – Oxford Farming Conference
    • Scottish Council for Awards of Royal Agricultural Societies (CARAS)
    • Nuffield Scholarship

    Livestock Awards

    • Sir William Young Award – for outstanding contribution to livestock breeding in Scotland
    • Royal Highland Show Championships & Prizes for all sectors of livestock

    Food Awards

    • Food & Drink Excellence Awards – innovation, enterprise and quality from Scottish companies
    • Nuffield Scholarship Technological Advancement
    • Technical Innovation Awards – medals for technical innovation

    Cultural Awards & Other Awards

    • Royal National Mod Gaelic Learner of the Year
    • Ploughing Awards

    Long Service Awards

    If you would like to apply for a Long Service Award, please contact Moira Miller, Membership Administrator.