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SAYFC study tour to California

The Roy Watherston Memorial Trust announces funding for SAYFC study tour to California

SAYFC Study trip

The Roy Watherston Memorial Trust, in association with the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS), has announced that it will help fund four farmers on a Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs (SAYFC) study tour to California this November.

Nicky Wilson from Fife, Anna Sloan from Perth, Angus Elder from East Lothian and Jillian Kennedy from Aberfeldy have each been awarded £500 towards the once-in-a-lifetime trip to California, which takes place from the 24th November - 8th December 2018.

The theme of the study tour is ‘Improving Efficiency by Embracing Technology’, and the attendees will learn how the agriculture industry must adapt, improve efficiency and farm smarter by embracing modern technology, no matter what sector. The tour aims to focus the minds of participants, so they come home ready to drive their business forward.

SAYFC Chief Executive, Penny Montgomerie, said: “SAYFC is thrilled to host these study tours and we are very excited to be heading to California this year. We are incredibly grateful to the RWMT for their support and their funding to allow four lucky young people to join us on what is sure to be a fantastic trip.

“We are pleased to be continuing our strong working relationship with RWMT for the benefit of future industry leaders.”

Established to commemorate the late Roy Watherston, the Roy Watherston Memorial Trust provides educational travel scholarships to enable young people to embark on study projects overseas.

Ray Watherston, RWMT Chairman, added: “RWMT is passionate about supporting young people to broaden their horizons through travel to their benefit and the benefit of the agriculture industry. We are delighted to be able to play a part in sending these four young people on this trip of a lifetime.”

The Roy Watherston Memorial Trust trustees represent the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society, the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, SRUC, the Scottish Association of Young Farmers’ Clubs and the Watherston family.

For further information on how to apply for awards and grants visit www.rhass.org.uk/awards-and-grants/

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