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RHASS supports study trip to RASC Annual Conference in Canada

As part of its royal charter to support innovation in the agricultural sector, The Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) has announced that it will fund Rebecca Dawes on a Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth (RASC) conference in November.

Rebecca Dawes

Rebecca, from Kinross, will attend the 6-day event in Edmonton, Canada where she will meet with representatives from over 50 leading agricultural societies, associations and research bodies.

RASC is the voice of agriculture in the Commonwealth, and its mission is to enable the exchange of ideas, information and views on agriculture between nations and promote the development agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and the rural environment.

RHASS Chairman, James Warnock said: “RHASS is committed to supporting innovation in Scottish agriculture and we are pleased to be sending Rebecca as our representative to learn new skills and bring them back to Scotland.”

Rebecca added: “I’m a young farmer with a real passion for the agricultural sector, events, communications and young people. The 2018 conference is an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and develop international collaborative partnerships that can support the future of our sector, and the young people within it. I am incredibly grateful to RHASS for giving me the chance to learn more about the work of RASC, travel to Canada and share Scotland’s story with the worldwide delegation.”

The Roy Watherston Memorial Trust, established to commemorate the late Roy Watherston, has announced that it will fund Paul Richardson from Kelso, to join Rebecca at the RASC conference. Paul’s love of agriculture began at an early age when he worked with his grandfather on the family farm. At the age of 30, he returned to the industry after a career as a Captain in the British Army.

Paul Richardson

RHASS works with the Roy Watherston Memorial Trust to provide travel scholarships which allow young people to embark on study projects overseas.
For further information on how to apply for awards and grants visit www.rhass.org.uk/awards-and-grants/

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