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RHASS Blog: Alan Laidlaw: Let’s not forget where the food comes from!

KFC has run out of chicken - what an incredible headline! Or is it? Is it really that surprising that a major food retailer is having supply problems? Where, in fact, does the chicken come from? It’s not a question that is asked often, if at all. Until it runs out!

Both KFC and Nando's celebrate the best of our farmers produce and make sure it's recognised and to high standards. We take for granted they always have a plentiful supply and we can buy whenever we want. But it's only when you don't have something that you realise you've lost it and maybe give a thought to why it is not available.

Will that happen with more food products in the future? What if it does? And what can you do about it? There must always be room for national outlets and local suppliers in every market.

But next time you grab some food on the go, maybe consider looking for great local produce to feed your family.

By doing this you will support local businesses and ensure the value of that product stays in the local economy – enabling growth, investment, employment and success.

Today I was fortunate to speak an event talking about how we ensure rural Scotland thrives. As luck would have it two businesses I know well were also there. Both local to my area and both where farm producers are taking their first-class product direct to market. They are proud of what they do and can tell you the true story of where your food comes from. I encourage you to visit their websites (yesterfarmdairies and mungoswells) and see for yourself.

These are only 2 examples of many that I could mention.

The upcoming Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Awards will also showcase many more. RHASS sponsor this event – it’s a fantastic way to celebrate what Scotland produces and the exceptional standard of food produced throughout our country – see Scottishfoodanddrink

So next time your favourite food chain can’t provide you with your much-loved burger - think about where it comes from and how much you appreciate it! And if given the opportunity – support the business producing it locally. You won’t be disappointed!

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