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RHASS Announce 2018 Technical Innovation Award Winners

RHASS has announced the 2018 winners of the Technical Innovations Awards, with two Golds, five Silver and three Certificates of Commendations being awarded.

Achieving Gold status in 2018, which is presented for continuous outstanding merit to a previous silver medal winner, is Vicon iXclean Pro, invented by Vicon. Designed to ensure that crop sprayers are thoroughly rinsed when changing chemicals. This product is a fully automatic rinsing system, available on Vicon sprayers and front tanks with ISOBUS control. Leaving absolutely minimal residual liquid and a chemical content of less than 1% when complete. The operator remains safe in the cab away from chemical exposure, and the rinsings are sprayed out while driving over the previously treated crop, minimising pollution risk.

Gold has also been awarded to McVeigh Parker & Co Ltd, from Lanarkshire with their Clipex Metal Fence System. Clipex fence posts offer the end user a long-life post which incorporates the unique quick clip system. The posts also includes an anti-lift plate which reduces the possibility of the post being easily removed by hand. When compared to traditional materials, Clipex posts are lighter to handle, easier to drive in and no time consuming stapling, making them 50% quicker to erect.

The first Silver award of 2018 goes to SIB Services from Aberdeenshire with their Birnie Bale Safe. An innovative hydraulic mechanism forming the sides of the trailer and gripping bales in place to create a neat and secure load. This has eliminated any need for personnel to be on, around or underneath the load to fix straps and provides an effective solution to the problem of insecure loads, safeguarding anyone in the vicinity. A unique top row extension safely holds bales stacked up to three high.

Scotsqueeze is the second company to be awarded a Silver award in 2018. This product designed and built in Scotland catches and holds sheep & lambs automatically using a magic eye. It’s powered by a large 12v battery and works in zero temperatures where pneumatic systems become unreliable and freeze up. It has electronic weighing and EID Tag reading compatibility and can check weights for dosing correctly and drafting either 3-way manually or 3 or 5-way auto. The working height is ideal for dagging, dosing and treating feet while they stand up. Black sheep can also be handled. The mobile system is raised using the Scotsqueeze HYD Pump, and the A Frame trailer is pushed under with only one pin needed to secure which takes about 3 minutes to load & unload.

Also receiving a Silver award this year is Moocall, with their Moocall Heat product; a collar worn by a stock or a teaser/vasectomised bull. Moocall ear tags are attached to all cows and heifers. The collar then uses cow/bull proximity, mounting behaviour and bull activity levels to determine to an extremely high level of accuracy when a cow or a heifer is in heat.

The Kverneland Siloking eTruck 1408 a self-propelled vertical feeder mixer, which is 100% electric, has also been awarded a Silver Award this year. Coming in three different capacities, this one machine can be used for mixing, transporting and presenting feed, with very low operational costs. Because the feeder is 100% electric through wireless battery operation, it is environmentally friendly, clean with zero emissions, noiseless and energy-saving.

And the final Silver goes to Calibrate with their Heat pump Grain and Grass Drying System, following a certificate of Commendation in 2017. This heat pump system manages a revolutionary Grain and Grass Drying Process. The Heat pump is in a customised plant room that is manufactured in Calibrates workshop and delivered to site ready to use. A bespoke controller can operate the grain and grass dryer via a cloud-based system enabling Calibrate to monitor all aspects of the process and tariff generation meters online. The pump can heat more than one application at a time and can be bolted on to an existing Grain Dryer or can be purchased as a completed solution. It can also be used to dry bedding.

Three Certificates of Commendation have also been awarded this year; firstly, to Angus-based company, SoilEssentials Ltd with KORE. A cloud-based precision farming tool box which gives agronomists, land managers and farmers the opportunity to manage clients and their land more effectively through an ever-expanding suite of apps. This allows data to modernise land use now and in the future. One of the key, innovative aspects of KORE is the ability for the system to be customised across varying levels.

KisanHub, from Cambridge, are next to be awarded a Commendation with their Crop Intelligence platforms, a decision support system and data analytics tool for farmers. It is cloud-based software, supported by a mobile phone app. Currently, there are 3,500 users worldwide. The core idea is to bring in disparate data sources, which are external to the farm system and integrate with internal farm data.

And rounding off the RHASS Technical Innovation winners for 2018 is Hampton Steel Ltd, with their Hampton Metal Strainer Systems. This metal box and angle strut strainer assemblies is a completely new, patented (Patent GB2537761) design from Hampton Steel Ltd. It includes a stainless-steel strut connector making changes in the fence direction simple. Multiple struts can be attached to any strainer post. This excellent long-life, environmentally friendly, 100% fully recyclable alternative to traditional timber strainer assemblies is lightweight yet incredibly strong. Handheld post drivers can be used, a real benefit when rough terrain prevents vehicular access.

“Technical Innovation is pivotal to the future of Scotland’s key industries and because of this, is part of the RHASS Royal Charter, where we support and encourage innovative thinking and reward excellence,” says RHASS Chief Steward of Technical Innovation, Christo Shepherd.

“The Technical Innovation Awards are a highly influential accolade for manufacturers, distributors, providers and inventors. They provide a respected stage to promote new ideas and acknowledge the work and commitment necessary to develop new products. – the RHASS congratulate this year’s winners on their outstanding achievement.”

Richard Vernon from Hillhouse Quarry Group Ltd adds, “Hillhouse is proud to continue in our sponsorship of the Technical Innovation Awards at the Royal Highland Show. Yet again, there has been many excellent entries and winners – demonstrating the incredible innovation there is in the agricultural sector.”

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