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RHASS Interview: Jimmy Warnock, RHASS Chairman

We talk to Jimmy Warnock, RHASS Chairman, to discuss his thoughts for 2018 – The Year of Young People in Scotland.

Are you optimistic about the future of Scottish agriculture?
Scottish agriculture and rural businesses have proven to be incredibly resilient and innovative over centuries and I am in no doubt this will continue and we will go from strength to strength.

What advice would you offer the next generation of farmers?
Farming is changing. A recent report showed that 50% of farm income is from non-agricultural activities. We have embraced many farm diversifications but it is important to continue looking ‘over the dyke.’ It’s a changing landscape and although our industry is evolving, it offers many exciting and new opportunities for those eager and willing to adapt. RHASS prides itself on supporting these individuals and I encourage you to work with us in this mission.

2018 is the year of young people – what does that mean to you?
Youthful enthusiasm is the biggest asset any organisation can have, and I look forward to embracing all the combined talents in the coming months towards making this year’s Show a real Highland Fling.

What role does the Royal Highland Show have for Scottish agriculture?
The Royal Highland Show gives us an invaluable opportunity every year to showcase the best of Scotland. From livestock, entertainment, food and machinery, we exhibit to the world the exceptional quality Scotland has to offer. This is ever more important as we enter into a new business world and I look forward to working alongside Scottish businesses to grow our industry.

How else does RHASS support young talent in agriculture?
RHASS has a charitable remit to support our core industry. To enable us to do this, we have significantly invested in our venue, the Royal Highland Centre, to attract world class acts year-round. The amazing success of this facility gives us the ability to offer a wide range of financial support, with some funding specifically targeted at young people, such as scholarships for study tours, Nuffield Scholarships and funding to attend the Oxford Farming Conference to name a few.

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