The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET)

Without the Royal Highland Education Trust, many of Scotland’s primary school children may not have known where their food comes from, might never have seen a cow up close or become aware of what’s expected of them when venturing out into the countryside.

This startling quotation, sums up the crucial role The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) plays in educating our young people about food, farming and the Scottish countryside.

Delivering curriculum-linked education programmes to 30,000 children each year, RHET achieves this with a core management team and twelve educational coordinators working in communities throughout Scotland.

With over 500 volunteers supporting the charity’s work, RHET’s pioneering approach to education is held in high esteem by the teaching profession, educational policy makers and, most importantly, the children themselves.

Each year over 20,000 school children benefit from free entry to the Royal Highland Show where they take part in interactive exhibitions at RHET’s Discovery Centre.

The team’s expertise and ambitions for ‘hands on’ education has seen the development of initiatives such as farmers markets in schools, potato growing projects, farmhouse breakfast week, tractor projects and farmer speakers in the classroom.

Not content with bringing the farm to the school, RHET has been successful in taking thousands of children each year on to farms and estates to experience firsthand, the role of farming in food production and where it fits into a living countryside