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Royal Highland Education Trust

Royal Highland Education Trust

The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) works with partners to provide and deliver world-leading learning opportunities for all Scotland’s young people aged 3 to 18 about, in and through the Scottish agricultural environment and the countryside.

RHET aims to provide the opportunity for every child in Scotland to learn about food, farming and the countryside and to create a wider understanding of the environmental, economic and social realities of rural Scotland.

This is achieved through a number of key activities:

  • Farm visits for schools
  • Classroom speaker talks by volunteer farmers
  • Providing free educational resource materials for schools
  • Outdoor education events across Scotland
  • Competitions and projects for schools
  • Training farmers and teachers in the delivery of information relating to food and farming
  • The Royal Highland Show education programme for visiting schools and Children’s Education Centre
The Royal Highland Centre Royal Highland Show