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Meet the RHASS Director: Lynda Graham

Farming is “in the blood” for Stirling RHASS Director Lynda Graham, whose career in agriculture began from a young age by helping out her parents on the farm.

Meet the RHASS Director: Sarah Mackie

With farming in her family stretching back generations, Sarah has a deep connection with agriculture.

Meet the RHASS Director: John McWilliam

Having been a member of RHASS since 1975, it’s safe to say Aberdeenshire Director John McWilliam is very much invested in RHASS.

RHASS Case Study: Kerry Annal – Young Livestock Ambassador 2018

RHASS caught up with Kerry Annal, winner of the prestigious Young Livestock Ambassador Award for 2018, presented at this year’s Royal Highland Show.

RHASS CEO Alan Laidlaw: Affecting change in challenging times

Alan Laidlaw, Chief Executive of the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS), discusses the importance of being resilient in challenging circumstances and how RHASS is looking further afield to inspire a new mindset when facing change.

Meet the RHASS Director: Anne Logan

A veterinary surgeon and the daughter of a dairy farmer, it’s safe to say agriculture runs deep through Anne Logan’s family. Anne is British Showjumping Chair and a RHASS director for the Stirling area.

RHASS Chairman Jimmy Warnock - A letter to my younger self

In Scotland’s Year of Young People, we’ve asked our Chairman to think about the advice and encouragement he would give his younger self now, having cultivated a successful career and what life lessons he’s learned along the way.

RHASS Competition

Win a holiday for two in the luxury resort of Ravenala on Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean.

RHASS Blog: Alan Laidlaw: Don't Neglect Yourself

Alan Laidlaw, Chief Executive of RHASS, discusses the importance of industry events for members of the rural community

RHASS Blog: Alan Laidlaw: Supporting farmers for better food on your plate

Farming is a key industry in Scotland, which is apparent as you drive around the country. Our landscape has been farmed for generations to produce some incredible food for our families. But Brexit has brought about uncertainty, especially for some farms, and if we want to continue having quality food produced in Scotland, we must address how this is delivered.

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