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Cultural Award & Other Awards

Women in Food and Agriculture Summit Grant

The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland will fund six places at the forthcoming Women in Food and Agriculture (WFA) Summit.  

Taking place in Frankfurt from 14-15 June 2022, the event will provide attendees a valuable platform to network and learn from other women working across the worldwide food and agricultural sector. 

Successful applicants will also have access to the WFA Community Hub for 12 months, allowing ongoing learning and support after the Summit. Access includes participating in group discussions, advice on key issues, and to opportunity to share experience sharing and ambitions with like – minded members.  

Also included are workshops, training sessions, roundtables, podcasts and structured networking and pre-event webinars/portals to meet fellow attendees in advance of the WFA Summit. 

How to apply

To apply to attend the Women in Food and Agriculture summit, please prepare a short film of yourself covering;

  • An introduction to you
  • Why do you want to attend the event and what do you hope to get from the experience?

  • What would you do with the information you learn from attending the event?

  • Why we should choose you to attend the summit.

Videos should be no more than 4 minutes in length.

Please send your entries to awards@rhass.org.uk, in your email introduction please include your social media handles, part of the award will include a social media 'takeover' of the Women In Agriculture channels.

Deadline for submissions 24th November 2021


Royal National Mod Gaelic Learner of the Year

Ploughing Awards

Ploughing Awards Application Form


If you would like to apply for any of these awards or grants, please email  awards@rhass.org.uk on 0131 335 6215 for further information.

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